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💵 What are my two Leeto payment accounts?
💵 What are my two Leeto payment accounts?

Discover your two Leeto payment accounts

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This article is for you if you have just subscribed to the Leeto payment account offer and need to know the differences between your two Leeto payment accounts.

Even if it is possible to open only one payment account, we have made the choice at Leeto to offer you two payment accounts for your CSE. This allows you to facilitate the accounting of your two budgets: the operating budget (AEP) and the budget for social and cultural activities (ASC).

AEP account (operating budget)

This budget includes all the expenses essential to the existence of your works council. This is what allows you to have the material and resources necessary to carry out your tasks as elected officials.

You can use this budget in three cases:

  • Capacity building for elected committee members (e.g. training of CSE members)

  • External assistance essential to the good of your committee's missions (e.g. committee support by a lawyer, accountant)

  • Operating costs (e.g. administrative costs, management software such as Leeto, cost of printing)

ASC account (budget for social and cultural activities)

This budget allows your committee to finance the social and cultural activities and the benefits that you offer to the employees of the company.

You can spend this budget on the following activities and benefits for employees: -

  • cultural benefits (e.g. cinema, theater ticketing)

  • sports benefits (e.g. gym subscriptions, company sports lessons)

  • holidays and travel (e.g. ANCV checks)

  • promotional offers (e.g. gift vouchers)

  • company life / well-being at work (e.g. canteen, office layout, teleworking)

  • professional training (e.g. learning computer code, a foreign language)

  • occupational health (eg sending a team by an organization to advise the employer, your employees and your committee on occupational health issues)

  • social services (e.g. social worker available to each employee

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