As you know, Leeto is a regulated financial institution. We are obliged to declare to the competent authorities our customers who are American tax residents or tax residents of a country other than France. Don't worry, this is just an administrative formality.

Are you a US citizen or tax resident? Is your company subject to tax in the United States?

Simply fill out the form by providing us with your U.S. Tax Identification Number (TIN) or that of your company. You generally use it for all your administrative and fiscal procedures.

For individuals, this is the Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN). Find more information here. For legal entities, you will find this number on your tax return.

Do not delay in responding to us. Without a response from you and if you are a US tax resident, you risk a 30% withholding tax on some of your US income in accordance with their regulations.

Do you or your company have a country other than France or the United States for tax residence?

Simply fill out the form by sending us your Fiscal Identification Number (TIN) or that of your company if you have one. You can find it on your tax return or that of your company. Find out more Be aware that not all countries have a Tax Identification Number. In which case the country of your tax residence or that of your company will suffice.

Is your company a Passive Non-Financial Entity (ENFP)?

If your tax residence or that of your company is based in the United States or in a country other than France, then you must notify us if your company is a Passive Non-Financial Entity (ENFP).

What is an ENFP?

A passive NFE is an entity of which more than 50% of the income is said to be “passive” (dividends, rents, interest, capital gain, etc.) or of which more than 50% of the assets generate passive income. This is for example the case of a family SCI with patrimonial purposes, an asset management company or an investment fund.

If your company is a passive ENFP, is the beneficial owner a US tax resident or a country other than France?

Simply send us their name, first name, date / place of birth and tax identification number.

☝️ As a reminder, a beneficial owner is a natural person possessing more than 25% of the capital, voting rights or any power to control a company.

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