How do you know if your tax residence is abroad?

  • You live in France less than 183 days per year

  • Your main professional activity is not in France

  • Your activities in France represent less than 50% of your total income

Then you can have another tax residence than France.

If you answer "no" to at least one of the three points above, you will be subject to tax in France on your income and therefore do not have to declare another tax residence.

Why am I being asked if I have a tax residence abroad?

Leeto is a Payment Service Provider Agent and must comply with the law including CRS regulations (you will find an explanation of this law below). As part of this regulation passed between different countries, Leeto has the legal obligation to communicate to the tax authorities of your country of tax residence (if this country is different from France), the balance of your account and your financial income. collected during the year.

What is the Common Reporting Standard (CRS)?

It is a standard initiated at the request of the G8 and G20 (groupings of industrialized countries) to improve transparency and the automatic exchange of tax information. It allows the tax administrations of the member countries of these groupings to have systematic knowledge of financial assets held abroad by its tax residents.

It is to comply with these regulations that Leeto needs to know the tax residency of his clients.

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