This article is for you if you have just subscribed to the Neobanque de Leeto offer and need to know and / or understand the value proposition that Leeto offers you through its payment account or if you are just looking for some information on our new functionality.

Leeto allows you to compile a simplified banking offer dedicated to CSEs, with the best benefits for your employees.

Indeed, thanks to the payment account of Leeto you benefit from:

  • Simplifying the opening of your account if you are a new elected CSE
  • Dedicated support from Leeto customer service
  • A service accessible 100% online with analytics on the account of your CSE
  • The possibility of adding labels to the different bank flows and obtaining simplified accounting at the end of the year
  • Simple and quick employee reimbursement
  • Greater simplicity in collecting payments from employees in the context of events (available in our Complete offer)
  • Support in building the budget for your CSE
  • Exclusive offers, negotiated especially for you and your employees in the Leeto boutique
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