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🕙 When will my claim be paid?
🕙 When will my claim be paid?

Find out how long it will take to pay your claims!

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That's it, your refund request has just been validated, all that's missing is your refund! But when will it be paid? Do you have any other information to fill in? This article will answer your questions!

It is important to know that, for legal and security reasons, it is your CSE that activates the payments of your refund and not Leeto. The terms of payment can vary from one company to another (from a few days to a few weeks). Leeto has thought of you and your CSE because we have developed a payment functionality integrated into our platform that facilitates and saves your CSE a lot of time so that your refunds are made in one click and the delays are considerably shortened. 😊

  • If you wish to know the terms of payment of your CSE: we invite you to contact them directly.

  • If you wish to know if your CSE has or has not proceeded to your reimbursement: contact us at

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