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You are here because you are a little late with your claims or you are just wondering if the date on your invoice matches the dates of your subsidy.

Your subsidy is either annual or monthly, you can see this on the Leeto application.

For example here it is 17 April 2020 and the employee has 14 days left to take advantage of his subsidy. The subsidy is therefore monthly.

If your subsidy is monthly: only the invoices of the current month can be taken into account.

If your subsidy is annual: only the invoices for the current year can be taken into account from the moment your subsidy has been put online. Example: If your subsidy was put online on 14 April 2020, then all invoices from 14 April 2020 to 31/12/2020 are valid.

Don't worry, all employees eligible for a benefit receive two reminder emails (on D-15 and D-1 of the end of the benefit). Please note, however, that if the eligibility period for your benefit has ended, you cannot submit a new claim.

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