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You were probably very happy to make your claim but unfortunately it was not accepted and you wonder why!

First of all, we invite you to reread the rules concerning the activities reimbursed within the framework of URSAFF or the rules of eligibility of your supporting documents in order to verify that your request does not contain an error or is indeed supported by URSAFF.

Here is a list of several reasons that may explain this refusal:

  • Your invoice is not in the name of the beneficiary of your benefit

  • The amount of your invoice is different from the amount of your refund claim.

  • The date of your invoice is outside the eligibility period of your benefit.

  • The nature of your invoice is not covered by your benefit

For some companies (Netflix, Spotify,...), your first & last name is not on the receipt. If your email address used on the receipt contains your first and last name your receipt will be validated.

Otherwise, we can't verify that it is your account.

You have two options:

1. Make a request by adding the first invoice you received from Spotify by email (which is normally nominative).

2. Submit a request with an affidavit: "I, the undersigned, certify that I am the owner of the account (e.g. Spotify) (email address: ...) and that the invoices submitted are eligible for my company's cultural activities subsidy".

If you do not understand why your application has been declined, please contact :

  • Leeto if the subsidy is managed by Leeto

  • The person in charge of your subsidy if the subsidy is managed by your CSE or your company

You can also consult :

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