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That's it, you've finally chosen the activity you like after having checked that it is eligible in the eyes of URSSAF, you've also paid for it and all you need is the proof of payment!

But where can you find it and is it eligible? You should know that for a claim to be accepted by the URSSAF, it must be supported by proof of payment. This proof is generally an invoice and for it to be accepted, the administration requires a few mentions.

Here are the different mentions required by the URSAFF :

  • Date of invoice issue

  • Date of sale or provision of service

  • Identity of the purchaser (identical to the recipient of the benefit)

  • Identity of the seller or service provider

The invoice should preferably be in a language and script that is accepted and understood by the CSE and, where possible, state that it is paid.

For some companies (Netflix, Spotify,...), your first & last name is not on the receipt. If your email address used on the receipt contains your first and last name your receipt will be validated.

Otherwise, we can't verify that it is your account.

You have two options:

1. Make a request by adding the first invoice you received from Spotify by email (which is normally nominative).

2. Submit a request with an affidavit: "I, the undersigned, certify that I am the owner of the account (e.g. Spotify) (email address: ...) and that the invoices submitted are eligible for my company's cultural activities subsidy".

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