Now you have chosen the activity that will make you happy or you want to start a new hobby, but you are probably wondering if it will be reimbursed by your CSE! You should know that the activities that are accepted as part of a subsidy application are defined by the URSSAF in this article.

In summary, the following activities are accepted by URSSAF within the framework of a subsidy :

Cultural activities

  • Musical or video supports : Audio CDs, DVDs, video, music or video streaming subscriptions (examples: Netflix, Spotify etc.)
  • Cinema seats
  • Tickets to museums, historical monuments
  • Places for shows: theatres, puppet theatres, lyric or choreographic performances
  • Symphony concerts, various orchestras, music halls, circuses
  • Books and comics
  • Video games (but not consoles)
  • Cooking class (but not the utensils)

Sporting activities

  • Sporting activity: sport lessons (but not sport equipment), registration for a race etc. (Neoness, Fitness Park, Gymlib, ...), sports and meditation applications.

Travel activities

  • Hotels: hotel bills, or seasonal rentals (Airbnb, B&B Hotel)
  • Transport: train and plane

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