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You are probably wondering why Leeto asks you for your IBAN, ID or proof of address. Indeed, this is a legitimate question and Leeto tries to be as transparent as possible so that you have all the information at hand.

To find out why Leeto asks me for an IBAN, an ID or a proof of address, you have to go back to the platform itself. Indeed, Leeto allows you to benefit from your reimbursements directly on Leeto. So that your CSE can reimburse you through the application, we need your bank details. Please note that we do not have access to the information you transmit through Leeto. This information is transmitted to our banking partner.

In order to secure your data and to give the best possible payment tools, we have established a partnership with a payment organization that will verify the authenticity and veracity of your personal information. The objective is to ensure that it is you who will receive the refunds and not a third party. This is why you will be asked to provide proof of identity. If the first piece of identification does not show your correct address, you will be asked to provide proof of address to confirm it.

The data is neither known nor kept by Leeto, but only by our bank partner. Your data is kept by our bank partner for the duration of your Leeto account and is deleted if you delete your Leeto account.

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