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You are wondering how to optimize your security on the internet in general and need help. This article is for you. You will find good practices to follow in order to always remain vigilant.

  • Secure access to your phone or computerTo make it harder for potential thugs, lock your smartphone or computer after each use.

  • Update your operating system

To protect yourself against new vulnerabilities, regularly download software updates for your computer and smartphone.

  • Don't go off the beaten track

Download your applications from safe sources (software publisher's website, Play Store, App Store) to avoid downloading malware.

  • Bluetooth & WiFi

To protect your Leeto account, disable access to public WiFi hotspots and disable Bluetooth when using Leeto on your smartphone. If you are using a private WiFi connection, make sure it is secured with WPA2 technology.

  • Keep an eye out

If you have the slightest suspicion or doubt about your account activity, immediately notify our customer service team: contact@leeto.co.

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