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At Leeto, the security of your data is our top priority. So it is legitimate to ask yourself how your data and your employees' data will be handled once they have been entered into the Leeto application. We have made every effort to respect the demands of the CNIL and to ensure that the use of Leeto for you and your employees is secure in every respect.

We use the Bcryp protocol for sensitive information related to your account. Thus, your password is encrypted before being transmitted to our servers to prevent anyone from intercepting it. We also use SSL for data transport.

Your data is stored on secure servers, hosted in the European Union.

Furthermore, your data is not transmitted to anyone and is only declared to the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties) as required by the regulations in force.

The personal information you provide in your personal profile (IBAN, address) is transmitted to our banking partner and is not stored by Leeto.

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