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You must surely ask yourself what benefits your employees can get from your subsidy Indeed, it is legitimate to wonder what your employees will be able to afford thanks to your CSE budget.

The subsidy was created with the aim of introducing employees to a large number of sports and cultural activities. This is why the range of possible activities is very broad: your employees will be able to go to the cinema, the theatre or even the zoo, to practice a sporting activity or to open up to the world by travelling.

The activities that are accepted as part of a subsidy application are defined by the URSSAF in this article. In summary, the following activities are accepted by the URSSAF within the framework of a subsidy:

Cultural activities

  • Musical or video supports : Audio CDs, DVDs, video, music or video streaming subscriptions (examples: Netflix, Spotify etc.)

  • Cinema seats

  • Video Games

  • Tickets to museums, historical monuments

  • Places for shows: theatres, lyric or choreographic performances

  • Symphony concerts, various orchestras, music halls, circuses

  • Books and comics (The last Marc Levy or Stephen King)

Sporting activities

  • Sport lessons (ex: Neoness, ...)

  • Registration for a race etc. (example: subscription to Neoness)

Travel activities

  • Hotels: hotel bills, or seasonal rentals (Airbnb)

  • Transport: train and plane

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