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💳 How can I pay my employees' reimbursements?
💳 How can I pay my employees' reimbursements?

Make payments to your employees!

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Your employees' claims have been validated and you want to make payments. We have decided to integrate the payments directly into Leeto to save you time and provide more transparency to your employees about the status of their claims. Indeed, you no longer have to extract the claims from the application and can directly reimburse your employees via the application. Your employees will also benefit from notifications on the status of their reimbursement.

To pay your employees' reimbursements, simply follow these steps:

1. The first step for your CSE will be to add a payment method on Leeto (IBAN or credit card) in Company Settings:

2. Once your payment method is added and employee requests are validated, you will be able to trigger payments directly on Leeto. Before making the payment, you will be able to re-check the details of the transfer that will be made from the CSE account to the different employee accounts:

The "pending payment" and "paid" status of the claims made on Leeto will therefore be updated automatically. These statuses will appear on the export of the claims.

You can also consult :

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