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This article is for you if you want to give your employees their benefits and need to know more about the type of benefits you have and can offer.

To create an employee benefit on Leeto, all you need to do is :

1. Go to the Benefits page

2. Click on the "Create an Advantage" button in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Select the type of employee benefits you want to offer

You have the choice between:

  • Subsidy (The employee decides to take advantage of cultural, sports or travel offers and is then reimbursed by your CSE)

  • Ticketing (The employee benefits from discounted tickets and pays directly on the Leeto platform)

  • The gift card (You can also offer gift cards to your employees but these are not included in the subsidy)

  • Miscellaneous (You can create exceptional or seasonal benefits like for Christmas)

4. Click and fill in the required fields

5. Validate

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